Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Retailing with Kleeneze Is A Breeze

Further to my post yesterday about starting to retail with Kleeneze, it really is a breeze, and gets easier, not that its hard in the first place, over time. Let me explain.

When you start with us as a Kleeneze distributor we recommend that you work with ideally 250 catalogues being distributed each week, we call this blanket dropping. (You can work with less but then you will earn less) The object of blanket dropping is to find customers who want to order products from you. Now the national average return is one in ten, therefore you can expect to pick up around about 25 orders (and 25 customers) from the 250 catalogues you have delivered.

We recommend that you work a four week cycle, so in your first four weeks with us you will deliver catalogues to 1000 houses in your local area, and so will generate about a £1000 of orders (earning approx £275) and already have 100 customers.

In week 5 you will deliver catalogues again to the same houses that you started with in week one, thus giving your customers a regular four weekly service. Week 6 follows as week 2 and so on. 

You carry on this four week cycle covering these 1000 houses for 6 months, which gives everyone six chances to buy from your catalogue, and you will gradually increase your total number of customers. By this time you will have accumulated, based on the national averages, about 350 - 400 customers which will become your customer base.

Now this is where it becomes a breeze..... what you do now is to cross off everyone who has not ordered from you, because after six chances its unlikely that they will, and thus you will have about 95 - 100 customers in each of your four rounds. So now you will be working with about 100 catalogues each week, therefore it will take you a lot less time to earn the same income, and you have just had an increase in your hourly rate. And that doesn't happen very often in the job world !! And do you know what ? Any time you want a pay rise just put more catalogues out !!

If you are intrigued to know more about the Kleeneze opportunity please click here to visit our website.

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