Friday, 11 February 2011

How You Can Start Your Own Kleeneze Business FREE

Yes that is correct, its not a typo, you can now start your own business as a Kleeneze distributor for zero investment, how fantastic is that!!

This is the basics of how it works:

When you complete your registration with us the company send you a starter kit which includes 5 catalogue packs for you to circulate around your family, friends, neighbours, work mates etc, and collect orders.

However before the catalogues even arrive at your home you can start to generate business by sending emails to everyone you know asking them to browse the catalogues online and email you with their orders.

You will earn 21% commission on all the orders you take, and you can earn more free catalogue packs by hitting targets in your first 3 weeks:

5 free packs for hitting £75 of orders in the first 21 days.

25 free packs for hitting £150 of orders in the first 21 days.

When you reach the £150 level not only will you have earned about £32 but you will now have 30 extra packs with which to generate even more orders. And it has not cost you a penny just a little bit of time and effort.

For further information or to get started FREE please leave your details on the "Contact Us" page on our website

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