Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Do You Struggle To Find Out Of School Care For Your Kids ?

If you struggle to find suitable childcare facilities as in the report below, then perhaps you should consider changing your circumstances so that you do not need to rely on childcare. Perhaps you should take a look at the Kleeneze opportunity, where there are already many mums with school age kids who are making a success of running their own business, and who also have the flexibility to work when they choose so that child care is not needed. These mums have the best of both worlds, as they not only get to see more of their children, but they are also saving the cost of having someone else look after their kids.

Many parents of school-age children struggle to find suitable childcare, a survey by the Daycare Trust suggests.
A poll of 116 family information services across England, Scotland and Wales found 60% had had parents report a lack of childcare in their area.
Just 28% said there was sufficient childcare for primary pupils locally.
Only 12% said there was suitable provision for parents who worked shifts and just 11% said there was cover for the parents of disabled children.
"The availability of childcare for school-age children remains low," said the report for the childcare charity.
"Only 28% of family information services are saying that sufficient childcare exists across their entire local authority for primary school age.
"For secondary school age children the picture is even worse, with just 14% reporting sufficient childcare in the whole authority."

The survey also questioned family information services about the cost of childcare for pre-school children.
It found the average annual cost for 25 hours of nursery care a week for a child under the age of two was £5,032 in England, £5,220 in Scotland and £4,723 in Wales.
For a child minder, the same provision was £4,680 in England, £4,665 in Scotland and £4,687 in Wales.
The research suggests costs vary considerably between regions and within regions.
Not surprisingly, London and the South East were the most expensive areas for childcare.
In London, the average weekly cost for 25 hours nursery care for a child under two is £118.54 (equating to £6,164 per year).
In the North West is £82.70 a week (£4,300 per year).

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