Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Kleeneze Business Start Up Cost v Retail Shop Start Up Cost

And we are not just talking money here !!

If you were considering opening a shop in your local area I imagine that unless you are cash rich that you will have to go cap in hand to your bank with a business plan to apply for a start up loan that will require you to put your home up as surety.
There is a great deal of risk involved so is this a good idea ?
How long will it be before you make a profit and can take an income out of the business ?
How many hours are you going to have to work each week ?
How are you going to keep going with all the stress this is going to put on you ?
I could go on with the negatives .....

Now lets look at what is involved with starting a Kleeneze Home Shopping business. First off the start up cost is less than what someone working 40 hours on minimum wage will earn in a week, so anyone can afford the investment.
For your investment you are given 250 shops, (while your catalogues are in your customers houses each one is potentially earning you money).
Most new starters are in profit within the first four weeks, some even quicker than that.
You only need to work a minimum of 8 - 10 hours per week to develop your Kleeneze business, so you can easily do this in your spare time around your current employment.
I could go on with the positives.....

To me there is no comparison, it boils down to Risk v No Risk, Stress v Stress Free, Working 100 hours per week v 8 - 10 hours per week, etc. etc.

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